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11 - Presentation Tools

Research on effective teaching and learning strategies (Classroom Instruction That Works, Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock) has shown that the use of nonlinguistic representations, graphic organizers, note taking, and setting goals/objectives are effective strategies to use for learners. The use of multimedia or web presentations can address many or all of these strategies.
  • K-2 Staff: By Spring Break all K-2 classrooms will have SMART Boards.  This session will include a SMART Board demonstration and time to explore applications to the classroom.
  • All Staff: Many presentation tools are available. Explore the use of presentation software and presentation websites.

K-2 Links for Staff

Smart Exchange Lesson Plan Search


Interactive Websites

Trial Download of SMART Software

Handout from Allie Nelson (pdf)

Sharing document (K-2)

Sharing document (3-12)

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