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7 - Face of Your Classroom

Look at a variety of resources which teachers can use to create a web presence for students and parents to access information about their classroom online.

First.  Choose your audience.
Parents?  Students?  Both?

Second.  Ask yourself these questions:
How much time do I want to spend maintaining this "face of my classroom?"
Could my students do some of the work?

Alan November has a great piece entitled Students as Contributors: The Digital Learning Farm which suggests giving students "digital chores" such as class blogger, class note taker, etc.

Also, this is a great Tweet that has caused me (Kip) to reconsider a lot of what I do and how I do it:

Third.  Choose a tool.

Online Classroom Management systems like Moodle
Moodle acts like an "online file cabinet" that allows for student interaction (discussions, collaborative documents, journal pages)

Using Moodle in the classroom (YouTube video)
Moodle explained with Lego (SlideShare presentation)

Mr. Braymer's Classroom

Personalized web pages or start pages using online resources like Google Sites
Google Sites allows for quick editing and the potential for collaboration with colleagues (this site is a Google Site)
    YouTube tutorials by Radford University:
        #1 How to Create a New Site
        #2 How to Edit and Add Media to Your Site
        #3 How to Change the Appearance of Your Site
        #4 How to Share Your Site

    Mary Fran's Google Sites Tutorial

4th @ Roosevelt
Browse other ZPS Google Sites

Blogs (which is a contraction of the term "Web log") have a web site feel and are maintained with regular entries
KidBlogs (does not allow for a lot of customization, but is great for use with students)
    Blogs in Plain English by Common Craft (cool 3 minute video)

For students and parents:
Mr. C's Class Blog (contains a live video stream of his class all day long!)
Our Learning Community
A Fourth Grade Experience
Cairns (written mostly by 5th gr.)
Wright's Room

For students:
East Dragon Den (5th gr. 1:1)

Wikis or Online Infrastructure Systems.
    Wikis in Plain English by Common Craft (cool 3 minute video)

East Dragon Den

Integration of Social Networking Tools

Find more from a session led by Jackie Frens and Lisa Shears back in November.

Pros & Cons of each tool

Sharing document