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Original sign-up page (closed)

3 Steps to signing up for our February 21, 2011 PD:

Review the topics (by clicking on them) located on the left side of the page and decide on your top 2 choices. Write them down since you will need them for the next steps.

Create a HowWhat, Why, or Who question for each topic based on what you are interested in learning. You will need your questions for the next step. For example:
  • What is Moodle?
  • How could I use videos to help my students learn?
  • Why is it important to have a classroom web site?
  • Who should I follow using Twitter?

Sign up for your top 2 choices at the following site by clicking here

ORIGINAL Assignment Page
Find out your session and location by clicking here

Sessions that still have space available (see descriptions on left side of this page):
  • 1 - Basics
    Creekside Computer Lab

  • 2 - Collaboration Tools
    East High School 117

  • 3 - Communication Tools
    Creekside Dux Lab

  • 5 - Differentiated Instruction and Diverse Learning
    New Groningen Elementary Computer Lab

  • 7 - Face of Your Classroom (Group A)
    Cityside Upstairs Computer Lab

  • 7 - Face of Your Classroom (Group B)
    Cityside Media Center Lab

  • 9 - Digital Images
    West High School E130

  • 10 - Digital Story Telling
    Roosevelt Elementary Computer Lab

  • 11 (grades 3-12) - Presentation Tools
    Lincoln Elementary Computer Lab

  • 12 - Evaluation & Assessment
    West High School E124

  • 15 - Productivity Tools
    Creekside Media Center Lab

  • 19 - Virtual Classroom
    East High School Media Center