Principal guide

1. Introduce the video you will be watching with the staff
  • Daniel Pink, author of "A Whole New Mind" and "Drive"
  • This video that talks about motivation and will help lead us into the afternoon session
2. Watch video by Daniel Pink  about motivation (all 3 options below are the same video)
3. (OPTIONAL) Do a short debrief with staff to hear their thoughts/observations

4. Prepare staff for the afternoon by saying something like this:

Our world is changing rapidly. Our mission is to prepare students for a life-time of learning. Each one of us needs to model this approach to living. Today we are going to have an afternoon of learning focused on asking good questions, being pro-active in connecting with others, and confronting fear by trying new things.

  • Use your question to have a purpose
  • Make sure to challenge yourself
  • Look for ways to apply your work to benefit and impact student learning
  • Seek mastery in your role by getting better at using technology for teaching/learning

And, in the end, be willing to share a product...a project...ideas...action--so you can make our world a little bit better.

Pink calls providing this time for innovation a Fed Ex Day- employees choose what to work on, with whom, and however they’d like. The expectation is that “they must deliver something: a new idea, a better internal process, a refined lesson plan – the next day.”

As you work for the afternoon please show appreciation to the staff who have volunteered to model and coach you through the following process where you will:
  • share your questions
  • learn about one of the 21 "Things" and receive resources where you can learn more about the thing
  • connect with other staff (k-12) and seek answers to your questions
  • think about how your work will benefit and impact student learning...think differently
  • share what you have done so others can learn from you