Our iPad Experience 
Create, Consume, Communicate, Collaborate

Zeeland High School's pursuit of moving education forward through 1:1 iPads

Shawn Jacob

English, Psychology,
Instructional Technology, Social Committee Ideas Guy

"Using 1:1 technology has forced a profound paradigm shift for us as educators—and for our students. My students' ability to engage in project based learning through the use of iPads has changed my whole approach to teaching—no more signing up for computer time in the library! Now we can constantly engage in critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem solving that goes beyond the walls of our school."

Tony DiLaura

Mathematics, Instructional Technology

"iPads have transformed my classroom environment from a one-size-fits-all, teacher-centered setting to a dynamic, interactive, move-at-your-own-pace, student-centered learning environment. Students use the iPad to learn content, receive feedback, and engage in projects that further develop their understanding."