2015 ZETA Conference
August 13, 2015


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2015 ZETA Blast Keynotes

Trevor Muir

ʺImmeasurableʺ qualities displayed by students often get overlooked when schools report success. Trevor will share stories of students who defeated all odds in succeeding at school, and how Project Based Learning gave them the opportunity to excel in their skills AND academics.

Peggy Liggit
Human qualities that enhance teaching and learning processes as well as those that create barriers are in all of us. At the conclusion of this session, this speaker will encourage audience participants to take action in at least one positive way to help strength connections between teachers and learners.

Jeff Grabill

Computers and networks have transformed writing, making publication and distribution easy and instant and creating a culture in which we write more now than at any point in human history. Technologies are changing the teaching writing in schools as well. Some enhance learning and professionalize teacher work. Others automate. Robots are coming.

Shawn Jacob
Remember why you went in to teaching? Has the haze of soul-sucking standardized tests, political undermining of the value of our profession, and mind-numbing common assessments left you blinded to what ultimately matters? Shawn will help you get back to basics with a few stories and suggestions to energize you and your students all year long.

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