Band Camp Dates

During the three years after the last leap year, band camp will start one calendar day earlier and end one calendar day earlier than the previous year.  On the fourth year (leap year), band camp will start and end two days earlier than the previous year.  Keep in mind that USUALLY the earliest week band camp may take place is July 31-August 4 and the latest being August 6-10.  As long as you're conscious of the last leap year, this formula will work every time.

                                                               2011     August 1-5
                                                               2012     July 30 - August 3**
                                                               2013     August 5-9
                                                               2014     August 4-8
                                                               2015     August 3-7
                                                               2016     August 1-5
                                                               2017     July 31-August 4
                                                               2018     August 6-10
                                                               2019     August 5-9
                                                               2020     August 3-7